Ana Garcia

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Leczo is a typical Hungarian dish that won the Polish kitchen some time ago. Vegetable mishmash is an alternative to the traditional stew.

August is a time when a lot of maturing vegetables - peppers, tomatoes, courgettes ... their colors, flavors, juiciness should use
during the peak season. Especially because you can use them to cook delicious leczo. It is a pot meal, so quick and convenient. Therefore, it is one of the favorite summer meals for both lunch and dinner.

Leczo a kind of ragout or Provencal ratatouille, which is known not only
Hungary and Poland, but also in many European countries and even in Israel. But most importantly, this dish extremely simple and tasty, which can be refined by selecting, eg. A good quality olive oil instead of lard.

Good leczo mainly fresh vegetables and well-chosen spices. Of course, in the original version leczo it is quite spicy, but in the Polish climate and tradition is better suited than sweet peppers hot. Willing to add herbs - basil, thyme, oregano or ready mix - herbs de Provence. But farther out in the autumn chills the more likely doprawimy spicy - more pepper, hot pepper, chili pepper cayenne spice ... but who gives a special, Hungarian paprika, smoked character is sweet and sharp.
Cooking - one of the heat treatment processes used in the catering industry. Takes place in a boiling water environment. During this process, proteins contained in the dish to cut the starch and putting up, resulting in that these constituents are absorbed by the human digestive system. The relatively low temperature of the process, not exceeding one hundred and ten degrees Celsius, makes it in the dish does not arise harmful to health products distribution of nutrients.

The process of cooking has a big influence on the movement of nutrients in a fog. To achieve the effect of the passage of nutrients from the product being prepared for decoction should be cooked long, a large amount of water, from the low temperature water. The effect of transfer of the decoction is desirable przyrządzaniu soups, and in particular the broth. Cooking in a small amount of water, by inserting the product in boiling water, has a retention of nutrients in the cooked product.

In dietetics and in the preparation of some traditional dishes are also used steaming. It consists in cooking products in an environment of water vapor by placing them in a special pot. Steaming maintains the maximum quantity of nutrients in this way cooked dish. It is especially recommended for cooking vegetables.