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Love can move mountains, as well as move the piece of Tuscany to Polish. This has been Monica, so in love with the region, the house built in the image and likeness of a rural villa in the vicinity of Florence.


It started from a holiday in Tuscany. Monica charmed all: light, landscapes, architecture and fabulous interiors of old houses. This impression was stuck there for long, because after 10 years of living in Belgium came to the Polish and began to think about your home, there was no doubt that he will Tuscan spirit and matter. The long-sought plot resembles a rustic landscapes. She found her near Swidnica, among the hills of rapeseed and grain. Sam has designed architecture and interiors. Also addressed the construction supervision and equipment.


Arts and Crafts


It took a while, house building and urządzał for six years. The high level of finish ensured craftsmen and artists from Lower Silesia. The frescoes on the walls of the projects executed by Monika painters from Wroclaw. Unique woodwork French-style hand-made local carpenter, using old techniques, and patination and gold plating. As a result, it looks like a long bygone era. Oak floors throughout the house are hand-machined, so that they looked like the old. Furniture and decorations collected by the lady of the house for years were bought during the many travels. All come from Belgium, France and England.


From Europe


Travelling is beyond interiors greatest passion Monica. According combines them both, looking somewhere to local antique shops, interior design stores or at flea markets. It is beautiful objects, but the tour is also for her inspiring. Architecture, interiors of restaurants, private homes and temples always bring their new ideas. With each trip brings under the eyelids, new colors and combinations thereof, mood and atmosphere that somewhere sometime will use.

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